Eyelid hygiene

An important element in the effective treatment of dry eye complaints is regular cleansing of the eyelids, thus reducing eyelid inflammation and Meibomian gland dysfunction, reducing inflammatory processes.

The therapy is based on maintaining the proper hygienic condition of the eyelid.


Based on clinical studies with OCUVANE® eyelid wipes, effective cleaning of the eyelids with a special wipe is efficient in alleviating complaints.

The effectiveness of OCUVANE® eyelid cleansing treatment in alleviating the symptoms of irritated, dry eyes has been supported by several clinical trials. OCUVANE® eyelid wipes contain ingredients that are already widely used in cosmetics, such as face and eye care products—sometimes supplemented with herbal ingredients. The appropriate composition of the wipes’ impregnating solution ensures that the treatment removes sebum, impurities, pathogens, and allergens accumulated on the edge of the eyelid, thus restoring a healthy condition to the eyelid and to the surface of the eye.

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